About Us

AviaMRT is an established Recruitment & Management company within the Aviation Industry.

Relying on our extensive know-how background, we are expanding to new services fields aiming to cover all aviation needs.

Airlines experts established the company with one and only objective:

to serve the needs of Aviation Industry in a professional level

Our experienced team of aviation professionals and consultants with a deep understanding of the market, the needs of businesses and candidates, are dedicated providing quality services to our customers, airlines, and flight crew members.


  • Provide customized solutions to our commercial aviation clients and hence building a unique value proposition for them. Assist the growth of the aviation industry by connecting experienced and entry-level flight-crew with airlines from around the globe while matching their demanding needs accordingly. Provide training to entry-level flight personnel and upgrade revalidation of existing pilots.
  • Power the aviation industry through quality processes and services.

Our Approach, your biggest advantage

Our Services

We offer a full range of services including employment and management of both flight deck and cabin crew. We are responsible for the entire crew management process.

Why Choose Us

•We attune our acquired expertise to your business objective and offer the best quality Services within the Aviation Industry, tailored to your needs.
•Reliability, flexibility and professionalism are core professional ethics we are guided by. We want each new client to be our lifelong trusted partner, not just another impersonal collaboration.