Aviation Training

Train To Work For The Biggest Airlines

Determined to our values, AviaMRT collaborates with major aviation schools worldwide to provide training to both new and experienced airline flying crew members.

If you are pursuing to become a licensed pilot, following a career within the aviation, join the AviaMRT’s network of distinguished and well-recognized aviation schools worldwide.

Training courses available:

“The Flyers”

“The Aviators”

“The Airliners”

“The Trainer”

“The Dispatcher”


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Aptitude Test

In today airline’s world the proper crew has to undertake thoroughly psychometric tests to prove their ability to perform the high demanding job of Piloting big airliners.

Stay Current

To relief non-regular operating Pilots of difficulties to stay current and keep valid or revalidate licenses, AviaMRT organizes the most suitable place, dates, formalities at low cost for necessary simulator and/or airplane for that.

Command Upgrade

Tailored made to each pilot according to their type rating and their experience (minimum qualification criteria applied). 

Become Instructor

For Pilots looking to start, accelerate their career and expand knowledge and experiences, 

Built Up Experience

It is quite often necessary for pilots to increase minimum experiences for next level job in aviation.